Ideal lubrication for your equipment. Your agile. Clean and durable wheelchair.







Ideal lubrication for your equipment. Your agile. Clean and durable wheelchair.

Ideal lubrication for your equipment. Maintenance of equipment. Whatever it may be. Is critical for durability and good function. So it is important that the wheelchair is well taken care of. As well as bicycles or any other assistive technology accessory. And for them. The importance of maintenance is redoubled. Because a person who is a permanent user of a wheelchair like me. For example. The equipment is extremely important. Because without it he would not have mobility. It is important to point out. When you don’t properly take care of these equipment. Whether out of laziness or economy. You are actually sabotaging yourself. Or as they popularly say. Shooting yourself in the foot. With maintenance-free equipment. Performance is lower. Such as an empty tire that rotates harder than a full tire. And without constant care. The life of the equipment is shorter.

Operate and maintain the various technologies

So the equipment as a whole or specific parts. Can become useless sooner than usual. And this can end up being more expensive. In the end. The most constant maintenance i do on my wheelchair is inflating the tires. Cleaning the dirt and lubricating the joints and friction sites. I always inflated the tire at the pump at the gas station . But i also had a manual pump at home. Until i got an air compressor to inflate the tire more easily and not have to go to the gas station. Cleaning. In addition to making the chair more beautiful. Also removes dirt such as dust that can end up getting into cracks and holes. And this can end up making the chair harder or jamming some places. Lubrication. At the beginning. I was told to use vaseline in paste. Which i used for a long time. Or liquid oil. Which also in the beginning used a common machine oil.

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Protects against wear and tear and is suitable

Then i started using bicycle oil. And per recommendations. I started using traditional wd-40 . In all these options. The USA CFO lubrication result is good. But there is an unpleasant factor. Which is the residue of the lubricant. Over time. Dust and dirt mix with the lubricant. Forming a dark. Sticky material. I drive and put my wheelchair in and out of the car by myself. Taking the side wheels off the frame and placing them in the back seat. In this operation. The part of the wheel that fits into the frame is one of the lubricated parts. And several times when i was going to put the pieces inside. These parts bumped into me or my clothes. And then there was that horrible stain. Which had no how to clean it other than putting it in the wash. This bothered me a lot. Especially when i was leaving to go to an event or meeting.

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