How The Fiscal Package Will Affect The







How The Fiscal Package Will Affect The

Someone asked me today, how optimistic are you about the future? I answered without thinking, that this is not a question for an entrepreneur. We have optimism in our blood, as it is the main stimulus that drives forward. The strange initiatives we undertake, often without thinking long! We try to bring this optimism to the following pages through interviews with well-known and unknown personalities, who with their daily work influence the lives of thousands of people around.

Budget And How Is The Budget Built

With the work they do Oman Phone Number List with the stories they tell about the various challenges, between failures and successes, they inspire, motivate by describing their own marathons towards success ; despite the obstacles, going from failure to failure, but without losing enthusiasm (as Churchill says). Meet Silvana Kulla, the entrepreneur who has revolutionized the furniture industry. Her company, a provider of technological equipment, has been the basis of development for furniture in the country. Mimoza Vojka is an entrepreneur, inspiration for every entrepreneur who will ensure success.

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Fiscal Package How Will It Affect The

She is the perfect USA CFO combination of a professional, manager and loyal to high standards in production and training of her company’s employees. She tells us how she managed the production situation during the pandemic and how she found opportunities for herself and other clothing companies. We are happy that in the current government we have representation from the entrepreneurship, startup and consulting community. Just as we are happy that the Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, Edona Bilali, gave the first interview to the print media for us. Among the good examples, we have brought you Daniel Nikolla, an ambitious boy, but also with a great soul. He ran for an important cause in the Tirana Marathon. For all those interested in personal development and finding inner peace, we bring you Sheki Usein.

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