Hosting in the pandemic: thinking about the new measures and people with specific needs.







Hosting in the pandemic: thinking about the new measures and people with specific needs.

The resumption of the hotel sector was one of the big issues that came with the pandemic and with the “new, normal” of people’s daily lives. The expectations were on how this reopening would be. Taking into account all the new care needed to guarantee total security regarding the health of guests. Our experience can be shared in this text. There, is a lot of curiosity and fear of people who need to travel. So we decided to expose how the accommodation was. Right at the entrance. The temperature of everyone who will stay at the place or just spend a few hours is measured. And alcohol, gel is also available for everyone. At the hotel reception. There was a transparent acrylic divider separating the staff from the guests.

In addition to gel alcohol on the counter

For a visually impaired person Gansu Phone Number List who has low vision . The card machine is already something without accessibility. Most of them have a bad contrast and small print. It with plastic is even ,worse because it causes a reflection. Blurs and reduces the sharpness. Being need to get even closer to the face or ask for help. In this specific hotel. It was also offered. As soon as the daily payment was made. Individual bottles of alcohol gel so that, guests could take them to their room. Being allowed to take others. If they needed. Photo of people queuing up to get breakfast bags. They are at a service desk in the restaurant. All are wearing a mask or face shield. As we arrived at lunchtime.

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We decided to place an order using an app

The hotel’s bar and restaurant USA CFO were not open for consumption on site. But the tables could be used. And, they offered them so that we could eat the pizza, we had ordered for delivery. The best option is to use the outside tables. In addition. The hotel’s restaurant offered disposable cups. Napkins and cutlery. While waiting for lunch. One of the things, we noticed was that the common areas such as the gym and pool were turned off. Another aspect of significant change that we have observed is the way the hotel is serving its ,breakfast. They chose not to take it out of their daily rates. So they adapted the service. And all other meals that the guest orders in the restaurant are also adapted. That is.

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