Hospitality in accessible tourism: service beyond physical structure.







Hospitality in accessible tourism: service beyond physical structure.

This article was originally written for (society for accessible travel & hospitality). At first. Even before going into details related to accessible tourism and the importance of adequate service. It is necessary to put forth some concepts that will help to understand the need to think about fundamental aspects of a trip. So. I place forward the concept of people with specific needs. Because here. I need to think about people with disabilities and also other general public who. For different reasons. May have specific needs. Such as pregnant women. Obese and elderly people. When it comes to accessibility and inclusion. It does not refer only to people with disabilities. As many people think.

Accessibility can be more present in our lives than you may think.

And this means that the Malta Phone Number List service provided to them has also its variation and adaptations. The ideal is that all this. May bring more autonomy and independence in their travels. Here i am presenting another concept that is fundamental in a trip. Or. In general. In the lives of people with specific needs. Which is functional accessibility. Functional accessibility is to provide beyond existing rules and laws the functionality of what is being applied to people. Which in turn. Is to think of accessibility from the experience of those who need it. And to open a dialogue directly with those who want to organize a travel itinerary and need specific services. Sometimes people.

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Without adequate knowledge

Try to do and it ends up USA CFO coming out wrong. And a lot because of the issue to be something very theoretical. And imaginative. What do i have to add into my courses and lectures are the practice. In fact it is what really works. Even if. This is a concept that i have developed. Of functional accessibility. So first i talked about functional accessibility and now i can put forth my objective when thinking about inclusion issues related to accessible tourism and service. Thus. Inclusion is. In some existing definitions. “the move for equality between different individuals ”. That is. It means that people with specific needs should have at least a few conditions as much as possible so that they are included in society. In spaces and in what they want to do. Minimum of conditions so that they can exercise their right to come and go. When planning a trip. People usually organize themselves.

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