Head controlled cell phone. Assistive technology for those who do not move their arms.







Head controlled cell phone. Assistive technology for those who do not move their arms.

Head-controlled cell phone. Currently. The need to be connected to the internet is undeniable. Even if you don’t like technologies. They can help you a lot to accomplish tasks. And even some features are practically only available through computers or smartphones. The pandemic has further expanded the need for technologies. Therefore, As there were classes that were only being taught remotely. Virtual medical consultations helped to eliminate commuting. Saving time and money. The home office. Which gives flexible schedules in the comfort of your home . Among several other facilities. Several of which are here to stay. But if technologies are so important to society. Then they must also have accessibility features. For inclusion to really happen. Some. Despite not being so practiced yet. Are already a little better known by people.

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Therefore, Such as the libras interpreter. Subtitles Canada Phone Number List for the deaf. Audio description and web accessibility standards for the blind. But people with physical disabilities also have their difficulties. Which is not just a computer desk that you can approach with your wheelchair. Have you ever thought about people who for some reason can’t use their arms to handle the keyboard and mouse? There are quadriplegic people who do not have arm movements. Amputees who lost their arms due to accidents or diseases. In addition to those who were born with some malformation of the limb. But it doesn’t stop there. As there are other types of disabilities that can affect the movement and coordination of the arms.

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It is a huge and constantly evolving market.

Therefore, Such as cerebral palsy. Ataxia. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and even parkinson’s disease. Among many USA CFO others. It was with this in mind that the brazilian startup tix tecnologia assistiva creat a device call colibri . Which is a mouse controll by head movements. It is a small and light module. Attached to the side of a common glasses. Which establishes a connection via bluetooth. And therefore can control the computer or cell phone even without internet. Uses eye blinks to select items. Therefore, Head tilting sideways to scroll up and down the page. And head movement to direct the mouse. It’s quite easy to understand. And in a few minutes. You can get used to the commands. It is possible to do practically everything that a person would do with their hands.

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