Half accessibility may result in difficulties or impediments by the user.







Half accessibility may result in difficulties or impediments by the user.

Half accessibility. In fact. There is no halfway accessibility. Because if it is not fully accessible. It should not be called accessible. It’s like making a cake with half the ingredients. And the end result won’t be a real cake. I find out there. A lot of obvious. Easy to identify problems. Which were made by lack of knowledge or by a distraction. These obvious flaws. I say i would never commit. Because as a user. I have very important criteria in my head. Which i would not miss. In the video below. I am showing a parking lot at the carrefour hypermarket . Where they put covers on the outside parking lot to better protect the car and the passenger. Especially on rainy days. They are parking aisles. Where at the meeting of two car rows. There is a covered pedestrian aisle. The idea is great.

But there are flaws in the execution of this project

And it’s not even a total flaw. That’s Saudi Arabia Phone Number List why i said accessibility in half. Half is not in relation to the idea of the project. But in terms of quantity. That is. Some places are accessible. But others are not. The problem with the placement of car limits. Which i’ve even done an article on the subject called parking limiters. Limiting the car cannot limit the pedestrian . Limiters serve to prevent the car from advancing in the pedestrian passage. But if it is placed continuously. It ends up becoming a wall for wheelchair users. And even hinders the carts. Since we are talking about supermarkets. By the way. Click on wheelchair-friendly shopping cart for more information on the subject. In addition. They can greatly disturb other types of people who use walkers.

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Prostheses because this limiter for cars

Ends up also being a limiter for pedestrians. So. Ideally. Instead of these linear limits on the floor. There was a signposted post at the end of each space. Who knows with the number of the space to remember later. This limits the car’s USA CFO advancement while leaving space for pedestrians to pass. Thus achieving full accessibility. But the ideal is that people. Especially professionals from different areas. Seek to learn so that they can apply accessibility in all their projects. That’s why i created my courses and teach classes . Write articles. Take photos and edit videos to publish on my social networks like instagram and youtube .. So that my experience and knowledge is multiplied. And so we can have an increasingly accessible and inclusive society. Benefiting everyone.

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