Go Work on Something Important With Brand







Go Work on Something Important With Brand

What you will do is made possible in the time when you have stopped doing what you will no longer do. But quitting activities can seem unattractive because you don’t have a clear picture of what you will do. We often don’t stop with the old until the new is running and running. But that keeps you busy with what you already did. And unfortunately you will not achieve your targets. So it works the other way around.

That Sometimes

Do you now have the right, motivating targets? Do you know who you are going to do that for and how this contributes to something bigger? Top. Now you are going to write down everything you do that takes up time. You may even dare to include customers who cost more than they earn. And cross out what isn’t going to contribute to your new definition of success. Quitting can also mean outsourcing, so stop doing it yourself. That sometimes seems like a nice way to tackle the problem, but make sure it’s not secretly keeping things up in the air that didn’t help you anyway.

Stop procrastinating is a very big intervention. Almost everyone has to deal with it. Deep down we know that this is based on fear of failure and perfectionism. We don’t do the big, important, impactful things first because we’re afraid we can’t do it. That’s why we don’t stop doing all those little, urgent things. An alibi not to accept the change. So face your fear. And stop procrastinating.

State of success and flow

Everyone knows that it works better in flow and that you have a greater chance of success if you are in that right state. Few people realize how exactly they get into that flow or state. State seems to be something we “just” sit or end up in, while we can exert such a great influence on it. Our physiological world (our body) and our emotional world (often fed by our thoughts) are directly connected.

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To get into the state of success, you can do several things VP Safety Email List with your body. The unlock is often your attitude. Go dance and you’ll come loose. Smile and you will be happy. Lower your breath to your abdomen and you will feel that you can handle more. Also, don’t forget the basics of a state of optimal well-being: sleeping, eating, exercising – in that order. Do you have that in order and is there still a lack of flow? Then try the following exercise.

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Take an archetypal pose for one minute at a time and feel what is happening to you. For example, stand up like a warrior, and your body takes over so that your mind starts thinking like a warrior. What does he tell you? Stand as a sovereign leader, and let him tell you what you need to know. Stand in a serviceable position, et cetera. Give it a try and write down what you learned.

To realize your successes, you stand in the position in which you feel the best, most beautiful, most helpful, or most powerful.

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