Global standard on accessible tourism is launched by unwto. Une and once foundation







Global standard on accessible tourism is launched by unwto. Une and once foundation

The world tourism organization (wto) . The once foundation and the une (spanish association for standardization) led the development of this pioneering and transversal standard at an international level. Focused on accessible tourism throughout the value chain of the tourism sector. It is a business that in the european union represents a potential market of 80 million people. Or 130 million if you include your partners. Furthermore. The market is growing considering the population pyramid in many european countries. And this is also the case in other parts of the world. On average. People with disabilities spend 30% more (€800 per trip vs. €600). According to the unwto. As of today. This standard is available in spanish as une-iso 21902 . Having been translated and included in the national catalog of une standards. It is aimed at service providers and tour operators.

As well as public administrations and tourist destinations.

The une-iso 21902 standard Georgia Phone Number List establishes requirements and recommendations for accessible tourism. For example. For a beach to be considered accessible. It must have showers. Toilets and a path that can be used by everyone. Likewise. Pedestrian paths accessible in a natural environment must have. Among other requirements. Continuous. Firm and stable flooring and signage and must provide details of the itinerary before the start of the journey. In general. In written communications. Tourist establishments must use clear and simple language. Following a logical sequence. With images and graphic symbols when applicable. With contrasting colors and easy-to-read fonts. The standard is expected to become a key tool for enforcing everyone’s right to enjoy tourism and leisure.

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Despite advances in recent decades

In many countries there is still a long way to go before the tourism sector takes into account the needs of USA CFO more than one billion people with disabilities worldwide. Due to the way environments. Infrastructure and a wide range of tourist services have been designed. Tourists with disabilities often face challenges from the actual planning of their trip to including their destination experience. This pattern is intended to bring about change. Throughout 2021 and 2022. Unwto. Fundación once and une. Together with experts. Will carry out an awareness campaign aimed at their members and associates to influence the harmonization of accessible tourism on a global scale through standards. This global standard was developed by the international standardization committee iso/tc 228 on tourism and related services.

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