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These landing pages are meant to welcome visitors, initiate and conduct conversations, and recommend certain actions. A conversational landing page may also. Answer visitor inquiries, resolve challenges, share specific offers, and guide customers to whatever it is they nee. Via chatbot or live chat. If your landing page only includes. A chatbot for visitors to interact with. You may customize the bot so it can detect complex issues that. Require the support of a human — then, the bot can direct visitors to live chat. What makes conversational landing pages unique? In addition to conversational landing pages, there are two other main types of landing pages that are use to.

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Engage visitors traditional landing pages and hybrid landing pages. A conversational landing page looks something like this, with the chatbot conversation filling up the entire screen for the visitor: conversational langing page example Belize Phone Number List Source A traditional landing page is one that engages visitors with a traditional lead generation form. The lead generation form is place among other content on the landing page. It asks for information from visitors (e.g. name, email address, zip code) in exchange for something  discount code, subscription, or trial). traditional langing page with a lead generation form example Source A hybrid landing page combines features.

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From both a conversational and a traditional landing page — it’s essentially a traditional landing page with a chatbot (which can be expande or be minimize) embede on the page. hybrid conversational landing page example Source Now that you’ve seen these other two types of landing pages, you may be wondering, “Why should the chatbot/ live USA CFO chat conversation be the only thing on a conversational web page?” Fair question. By making a contextual, chatbot conversation the only thing on a web page, you establish a personal, one-on-one feel that traditional and hybrid landing pages don’t provide. This allows you to more easily promote new offers, close more deals, and increase conversion rates. For an in-depth overview of how chatbots can elevate your landing pages and help your business grow, check out our video guide.

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