From Companies Such as Medivis Which Allows Students







From Companies Such as Medivis Which Allows Students

Are you talking to a standard doll? No, the New Zealand SoulMachines has already develope an AI solution for the metaverse. Basd on your own emotions, it returns a modifie emotion in the virtual person in front of you. Whether that is a real estate agent, dermatologist or a healthcare provider, you will receive a tailor-made response that fits your own emotional state at that moment.

Over Certain

These AI bots can be use wonderfully as assistants or advisors for basic tasks, so that you can deal with more fun, more complex tasks. An example is Daniel , the virtual financial CEO Email Addresses advisor of bank UBS. So in principle you can design your virtual colleagues and have them take place in your virtual office, to take over. Already reserve your own spot certain activities from you. Not a bad idea, now that the sun is breaking through again and the terraces are open again.

CEO Email Lists

More than just marketing & measuring

I haven’t seen a single possibility that doesn’t have a cool use case for it. From an educational institute to gym, from manufacturer to service provider, from museum to fashion store. You can already see cool examples emerging all over the world, of the most diverse activities, which are now also offerd in the metaverse.

When the gyms closd, the online sports classes shot up like mushrooms. According to research, you seem to participate much better in the virtual sports classes in the metaverse , so that you ultimately burn more calories. Will it still be okay with the summer body !

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But also a wdding, which partly took place in a real temple. In India and partly, for a large group of people who did not fit in that temple, in the metaverse. Yes, you can already reserve your own spot at the first metaverse cemetery .

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