From 0 to 1, build a business analysis system







From 0 to 1, build a business analysis system

Many students are writing business analysis reports every day, but they are either diss “analyzed enough”, or they always feel that they are repeating the same template once a month… So what is the business analysis? Today, I will use the most common example to show you how to build a business analysis system.

The biggest pain point in business analysis is that many people do “neither business nor analysis”, which basically means:

The formula of GMV=UV*conversion rate*customer unit price, break down the KPIs, and then start to perform: “This month’s goal has not been , because the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number conversion rate is low, and we need to increase it.” And many companies have templates for their business analysis reports. It’s euphemistically called “historical inheritance”. So this “to be high” has been passed down from generation to generation.

Second, the idea of ​​breaking the game

The goal of business analysis is to quantify business actions and assess business results. In order to achieve this goal, we must first solve a core problem: in order to make the business run, what is the smallest organization and the most core process! Only after understanding this point Saudi Arabia Mobile Number can we distinguish clearly, among the many actions of the enterprise, what is the significance of each action to the operation, and then we can sort out the analysis framework.

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The concept of MVP (minimum viable product) can be here. The essence of business operation is to solve the problem of income and cost. In the early Saudi Arabia Mobile Number stage of operation, the MVP of the enterprise should prove that it has the ability to generate income, so as to attract inward investment and make the MVP bigger. After the enterprise matures, it can expand based on the MVP model, continuously create cash flow, and then support external investment (as shown in the figure below)

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Disassemble the MVP

MVPs have to prove they are generating revenue. To generate revenue, you need at least three key links: customer acquisition, service, and transaction. In the work of these three links, various costs will be . Therefore, the core of dismantling MVP is to dismantle the process of customer acquisition, service, and transaction.

Some business models will be Saudi Arabia Mobile Number very , and it will be very  to dismantle them. Here is a simple example, and let you understand the operation steps first. Think of one of the simplest business models: open a restaurant with braised chicken and rice.

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