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HubSpot Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software business intelligence tools: hubspot Source HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics & Dashboard software is easy to use and helps you measure and analyze the performance of your campaigns and marketing efforts with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. With HubSpot, all of your marketing and CRM data will be locate in one place and at your fingertips — no SQL or coding require. Attribution reporting (both revenue and contact) connects each customer interaction — and any revenue generate — to that contact’s record. Additionally, you can pinpoint the specific channels that are hitting or surpassing their goals.

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Which channels nee improvement — so you can effectively focus your attention and budget where it makes sense to do so. The Custom Report France Phone Number Builder brings together all of your data in a single location without the nee for spreadsheets. Access contact, company, and deal data plus your landing page, blog, and email data with this feature. And with Custom Objects, you can get data that’s unique to your business in order to create new segments and create custom reports, campaigns, and workflows. Pre-built, customizable, and flexible dashboards can be share with your team with ease from HubSpot or via email or Slack. If one of the many pre-built templates doesn’t interest you.

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You can always create a custom dashboard with the no-code eitor. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to personalize your dashboard’s appearance, metrics, and data. In addition to reporting, HubSpot comes with a Behavioral Events feature USA CFO that tracks custom interactions that are unique to your business and indicates when a customer is ready to move to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. The feature can then trigger or scheule your next touchpoint and notify you once that event is complete. Lastly, you can use the Account Base Marketing (ABM) feature to close the gap between Marketing and Sales so you’re able to close more high-value target accounts. 2. Calendar business intelligence tools: calendar Source Calendar offers productivity analytics. It has a number of features designe to analyze how your team’s time is spent.

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