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For The Western Balkans People Of

He learnd many trades through various courses and movements from the workplace. That made people leaders of the regime, while he had previously studied at. The Artistic Lyceum and engaged him to maintain socialist emulation. He remembers today that he had to design and color the banners carefully. As he could be criticizd and punishd for the inappropriate color, or any step outside the norm of socialist realism. SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS Updated o Albana Mucaj Mimosa Vojka Emanuels ~9 minutes of reading.

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The flexibility that Malta Phone Number List characterizes her enterprise, to respond to the market and the solid relationship with foreign customers, enabled Mimoza Vojka to realize new work contracts for her company and 7 other companies in the production of textiles at the height of the pandemic. A day after the pandemic was declared and many activities were closed. The sportswear company SAM started producing masks for its employees. However, these masks could also be useful to customers, so Mrs. Vojka sent the first models to customers.

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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock

Our customers are USA CFO in France, Holland, Belgium, England, etc., and the requests started 30 minutes after we sent the samples. The first customer started with a low order. The client we have in France waited to receive the certification. The 10 days required for certification gave us the time to produce. Our commitment was to produce quality masks, but certification would open the door to increase capacity. At the time the certificate was obtained from the French government, the demand was very high and the company’s capacity could not cope with the demand. So we started with collaborators in Tirana and Durrës. We cooperated with 7 other companies for almost two months and I think that the invoiced value with this type of work was also satisfactory for our associates.

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