Flat tire first aid. Preventing and solving unforeseen events.







Flat tire first aid. Preventing and solving unforeseen events.

Flat tire first aid. Unforeseen events can always happen. That’s why it has that name. It’s something we can’t predict. And that takes us by surprise. One day. When i went for a walk and shopping. I felt that my wheelchair was too heavy to push. It could be that i wasn’t in such good physical shape. Or else. As sometimes happens. The tire had deflated a little. Which is normal. When i went to take a look. The wheel was touching the ground. And the tire was completely flat. As i was in a sporting goods store . I went to the bicycle section. Where there were air pumps. And tried to inflate the tire again. It looked like it had worked. But after a short while. The tire was deflating again. So i realized there was a problem with the inner tube. In an emergency like this. I would go home or look for a tire repairman to see what happened. But i had parked my car in a shopping mall at another location.

And walking back with the tire in that state could bend the wheel

As i already know this store. And i Ivory Coast Phone Number List know they have a small technical customer service place. I went to get help. The wheels of my wheelchair have an easy hooking system. And with a simple push of a button. You can take the rear wheels off and on. But without the wheels. The chair would be without support. And for me. It would be a little risky to move to another bench or seat. Which does not have the comfort of the cushion i use . Which has a special fabric for people who stay seated for a long time. . So i asked if they had a box or support. Because it could serve as support in that part where the wheel would be removed. They brought a kind of iron box. With a height very close to the axis of the chair where the wheel connects.

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After a technical analysis

They found that there was a tear at the very base of the chamber nozzle. And that was practically a USA CFO diagnosis of total loss as it was very difficult to repair. My tire and tube are wheelchair specific. And are hard to find. So it wouldn’t be possible to exchange them as i didn’t have that specific product in the store. The option offered was to put another type of camera. Which was not adequate. But would serve to provide an emergency room. Enough for me to return alone to my car. This could happen anywhere. So if i didn’t have someone to help me. My way out would be to take a taxi or uber to take me to my car. Or even i could be without a car. So to take me home. At home. I have a spare wheelchair. Which has helped me a lot in emergency situations.

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