First international affordable trip. Argentina was chosen.







First international affordable trip. Argentina was chosen.

First international affordable trip. After i was in a wheelchair. Returning to travel was a process of conquests. From the first time i managed to leave the house to the daring international trips i do today. I started by going to leisure places in são paulo. Like cinemas. Museums and restaurants. Playing the chair and using public transport . The first trip was with my family. But there i realized that i didn’t want to travel with my mother and sister. As they have different tastes and preferences than i do. Halfway through the trip we parted ways. We slept and ate together. But i went on some walks alone. At the end of my rehabilitation at aacd . I started playing table tennis. Right there with a team. I trained all week. And i started to participate in championships in different cities. In a championship in curitiba. I decided to take advantage and stay longer to walk around.

Then the team came back from the Finland Phone Number List championship and i stayed a few to do some sightseeing alone. I thought i was ready and confident to make my first international trip. And i chose argentina . As it is a destination closer to brazil. So the flight would be a cheap and short-term option. The ease of understanding spanish also helped in the decision. It was a destination i didn’t know yet. Except for a brief visit at the border when i went to foz do iguaçu. But that doesn’t even consider that you’ve known another country. I planned everything myself. Went through difficulties. Did activities and visited places with an economic profile. Like backpacking . But this has always been my profile.

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The experience was really sensational

I felt that overcoming all this USA CFO would give me a lot of strength later on. And i came back feeling like a winner. Because the trip had much more added value than just taking a leisure trip. In the photo i am with brazilian colleagues that i met at the hostel i stayed in in buenos aires. We went to visit puerto madero and took this photo with the ponte da mulher in the background. I usually say that all this was a rehabilitation for tourism. Going back to doing everything i liked before the injury. To give me security and experience to go further.

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