Featured Disabled Authors. Bookstore celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.







Featured Disabled Authors. Bookstore celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

December 3rd is known as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities . To draw attention to the date and the relevance of the cause. Turma do Jiló . a Civil Society. Organization that promotes inclusive ucation . will carry out an action that will address disability in a different and unusual way. In addition to promoting a debate on the advances. problems and nes that millions of Brazilians experience daily. In partnership, with Livraria Cultura and the Iguatemi shopping mall chain . visitors will be invit t, honor the display of books by some authors in a way never seen before. There will, be a shelf specially created for the works to be cataloged according to the writer’s disability.

It will be interesting to observe geniuses like Jorge Luis Borges.

and Agatha Christie. who had Vietnam Phone Number List dyslexia. from a different angle. but that did not affect their genius at all. The action wants to show the importance of diversity and inclusion and highlight, how rich differences can be. demonstrating. through ingenious authors. that a disability does not limit other skills and these should be encourag. Inclusion is a, good way to do this. but Brazil still has a long way to go in this regard. According to IBGE data from 2018. approximately 45.6 million Brazilians have some type, of disability. Only 6.7% of people with disabilities have higher ucation . 61% have no, ucation and/or have incomplete elementary ucation. despite the fact that school inclusion is mandatory and guarante by law.

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Frida Kahlo who lived with a physical disability.

In addition. less than 20% have USA CFO an active economic life and 46.6% depend on 1 minimum wage provid by the government. The action takes place throughout the day. and at the beginning, of the night. the president of Turma do Jiló . Carolina Videira. will be together with some guests. to give Jiló Talks. a T-style lecture with the objective of bringing, inspiration to the public. be a moment of exchange and address. Sub-themes of the, subject such as: Inclusive ucational environments. Benefits of diversity and inclusion for children; Mental health: bullying in the school environment and the job market for people with disabilities.

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