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So I did what we do best around here — a little research. Download our complete workplace productivity guide here. As it turns out, there are a ton of studies that explore the influence of specific types of music as they relate to your productivity levels. To help you find just the right mix, we’ve source and curate seven Spotify playlists designe with specific studies in mind. Whether you’re into Mozart or Chance The Rapper, we’re confident that there’s something on this list that will do the trick. Note: Some of the playlists contain tracks with.

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Explicit language that might not be suitable for the office. 7 Science-Backe Office Music Playlists for Productivity 1. Classical Music One of the most frequently cite studies relate to music and productivity is the “Mozart Effect,” which conclude that Australia Phone Number listening to Mozart for even a brief period each day can boost “abstract reasoning ability.” The study — le by researchers Gordon Shaw, Frances Rauscher, and Katherine Ky — employe 36 Cal-Irvine students who were divide into three groups. Group one listen to a Mozart selection, while group two listene to a relaxation tape, and group three endure 10 minutes of silence. After the listening activity, all 36 students were issue the same test in.

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Which the Mozart group average an eight-to-nine point increase in their IQs, compare to the remaining groups. Since then, the “Mozart Effect” has been hotly conteste, but many researchers have gone on to explore the mental benefits of learning USA CFO and listening to classical music. One recent study, for example, found that elementary-school-age children who participate in music composition eucation outperforme students in a control group on reading comprehension. Think classical music might work for you? Check out this classical-influence playlist to find out for yourself: 2. Video Game Soundtracks “Choosing the right video game soundtrack to work to is all about understanding what type of music motivates vs. distracts you when you nee to concentrate,” says HubSpot’s VP of Acquisition (and former video game marketing consultant)Emmy Jonassen.

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