Exclusive parking for autistics. Reserved spots facilitate people with asd.







Exclusive parking for autistics. Reserved spots facilitate people with asd.

Exclusive parking for autistics. Different parking spaces are necessary for people with physical disabilities. And very useful for people with reduced mobility such as the elderly and pregnant women. Now several places are taking the initiative to offer exclusive vacancies for autistic. Now also called. People with autistic spectrum disorder. Therefore, The meaning of the acronym tea. Shopping pátio paulista in são paulo. Golden square shopping and shopping metrópole. Both in são bernardo do campo. Are some of the shopping centers. Therefore, that already offer these spaces. There is no regulation at the federal level. Forcing establishments to have an exclusive parking space for autistic people.

What sets it apart is the signage and its visual

But there is already a bill proposed by deputy laudivio carvalho to change the brazilian traffic code and institute signs indicating parking Cameroon Phone Number List spaces reserved for people with disabilities. Autism. In this way. The location must have vertical and horizontal signage following the standards of other types of parking spaces. Therefore, The traffic department of the federal district created a parking pass for autistic people valid for 10 years. Therefore, To make the document. It will not be necessary to schedule a medical examination at the detran. Just print the request that is available on the detran website . Fill it out and attach the report with the. Therefore,  crm of the neurologist or psychiatrist accompanying the patient.

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The proposed parking spaces for autistic people

Therefore, It follows the same operational model as the other credentials. Therefore, So it is valid for any vehicle where the person with autism is USA CFO being transported. In são bernardo do campo. The city hall. Through the secretariats for citizenship and persons with disabilities and transport and public roads. Opened exclusive parking spaces for people with autism spectrum disorders in four parts of the city. They are: rehabilitation specialization center (cer). Therefore, At rua warner. 300. Anchieta neighborhood; municipal riding therapy center. At avenida wallace simonsen. 1750. Nova petrópolis district; bezerra de menezes treatment center. Therefore, At rua batuíra. 400. Assunção district; and psycho art.

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