Exclusion Segregation. Integration or inclusion. Know what you really practice.







Exclusion Segregation. Integration or inclusion. Know what you really practice.

Therefore, Exclusion Integration or inclusion. I was hired to give an online lecture at a wabtec corporate event to its employees. Where i tried to make people aware of the importance of accessibility and inclusion. Therefore, Understand the characteristics of people with disabilities and reduced mobility. And show equipment and procedures to adapt places and accessibility services. An informative and motivational talk. Therefore, With hints of technical questions to complement. The company has an internal affinity group called my abilities. Focused on raising awareness and including more people with disabilities in the job market disability is not necessarily a limiting factor for a person.

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Therefore, I used two examples of people to Thailand Phone Number List illustrate the ability of these people. The first is daniel dias. A brazilian paralympic athlete. Who was born with malformations in his upper and lower limbs. A swimmer with 14 gold. 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. In the paralympics alone. Not to mention the hundreds of others in different competitions. He won the 2008. 2012 and 2016 laureus awards. Considered the oscars of sport and awarded through voting. The second example of a person is steve wonder. Musician. Songwriter and singer from the united states . Born blind due to complications of premature birth. Therefore, Winner of numerous awards. Has won 25 grammy awards. One of the most important awards in the world of music.

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Therefore, For the song “i just called to say i love you”. Main song of the USA CFO soundtrack of the movie “the lady in red”. That same song even won him a golden globe. Inclusion is sometimes misunderstood. So i explained the different ways of relating to people with disabilities. In exclusion. The person is directly or indirectly deprived. Therefore,  of any form of relationship. It is as if he did not exist. Therefore, In segregation. The person has the opportunity to participate in places and activities. Therefore, exclusively for the person with a disability. Without other people without disabilities. In integration.

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