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Not every board of directors operates in the same way. Sure, there are standard guidelines for every meeting. However, the approach may vary for presentations. Some may operate more like a town hall, pausing periodically to discuss the points as they come up. In this case, leave room after each section of your presentation to discuss what was covere. Others may follow the more standard approach: presentation followe by a discussion. Studies show that humans remember best the beginning and end of what they read, hear, and see. What’s in the middle tends to get lost. With that in mind.

That Will Have A Long Term Impact

Consider sharing your most pertinent information toward the beginning and end of your presentation. 4. Keep it concise. One thing board members aren’t known for is open availability. That said, you want to make the most of your time with Macedonia Phone Number List them. How do you do that? Stick to the scope of the presentation. While it’s great to incorporate storytelling, avoid getting sidetracke and wasting time. Be clear and keep it simple. If you’re showing data, only share one highlight per data graph. There are several reasons for this: Data itself doesn’t tell a story. You, as the presenter, do. As such, you have to explain what it means and why it matters.

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Focuses On Big Picture Decisions

Let’s say lead generation at your company has plateaue in the past year across all channels. That’s all the data says. But during your research, you USA CFO realize it’s due to a shift in how your audience is consuming information. Your role is to present the data and explain the “why” behind the plateau along with a solution. You want to prevent information overload. Share the piece of data that best supports lot of mileage out of those senses if you can convey them articulately and compellingly. The perception of taste and smell is more emotional than other senses. Though these senses are harder to capture, it’s in your best interest to try when appropriate.

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