Efficiently and Keep Up the Pace Then You Can







Efficiently and Keep Up the Pace Then You Can

We send the same newsletter to all our customers. Boring. So 2022. You can completely personalize the newsletter and only show customer content that is hyper-relevant. Think of articles about a certain topic or an invitation to certain events.

Make Asynchronously

You are working on a blog. When this is finished, you mail the piece to a colleague, who will not have time to look at it until next week. In the meantime, little happens. That’s not how they work at Online Slimmerik. There they work asynchronously. What I mainly took from the session is: do not make knowledge dependent on place. For example, they no longer e-mail and put everything in Basecamp and work in Google Docs, so that everyone can always access the information. In addition, they do not meet, they do talk to each other, but that is more for the social aspect.

Think it is difficult for many organizations to make it this far, but Board Members Email List start with a first step. How can you work more efficiently and keep up the pace? Then you can adjust much faster and working asynchronously offers more room to apply growth marketing.

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Know the Technique

I found the session of Google very interesting but also technical. There’s a lot going on right now that impacts paid marketing. That is precisely a channel for marketers to grow. New, tightened legislation and tech changes are causing gaps in your data. Is that bad? No, says Gijs van Eysden of Google. You can fill those gaps through modeling, so that you maintain a holistic view of reality. That’s scary, because we’re used to being able to measure one-on-one.

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With the privacy sandbox, we are working hard on phasing out third-party cookies and limiting (secret) tracking. At the same time, new web standards are being created that offer organizations alternatives to existing technology, so that we can grow but data remains private.

Through this session and through this entire event, I realized that as a marketer you need to know more and more about technology in order to help your organization continue to grow. More and more systems are going to be linked to build a 360-degree customer profile, this generates more and more data and you have to understand it in order to determine what works and what doesn’t. All that in a world where a lot is happening, that hectic pace also affects your marketing. And you have no control over that.

All I can say is: there is work to be done. It will be an exciting time, but a time that shows that marketing is the best profession in the world.

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