Easily Organize Virtual Events: Top 5 Favorite Platforms







Easily Organize Virtual Events: Top 5 Favorite Platforms

Even though the first virtual event took place in 1993, the real breakthrough in numbers was during the corona crisis. It was not an interesting possibility, but became a pure necessity to keep events going. Even though my agenda is currently full of speaking engagements at physical events, the majority of the organizations I work with continue to organize more than half or even all events virtually. The platforms for this are in surplus, but which one can you use best? In this article I share my favorites.

Vind Om Weer

Nu moet ik eerlijk bekennen dat ik het heerlijk vind om weer fysieke events te bezoeken en organiseren. Maar de vele voordelen van het organiseren van virtuele events zijn vaak een reden Investors Email Address om ze volledig ‘in the cloud’ te produceren, ook al mogen we nu weer fysieke events genieten. Inmiddels geeft 71% van mijn collega-eventorganisatoren aan dat zij virtuele events blijven organiseren.

Investors Email Lists

Just after the first lockdown I wrote about the many benefits. In the field of sustainability, because of the absence of travel by visitors and sometimes speakers. The ease with which speakers and visitors can participate in such an event also ensures greater involvement for both groups. Bigger names that commit more easily for the virtual stage, more visitors and a lower no-show .

Start with the why, who & how of your event

There were already a handful of platforms that allow you to successfully set up these kinds of events virtually. And more have been added in recent years. For me, the search for a platform always starts with developing the event itself. I often see organizers immediately putting a few platforms in a row and setting them up, without first having looked closely at the why of an event. The reason it has to be virtual and live and the goals you want to achieve as an organization by organizing the event.

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