Diversity in the soul. Understand the benefits of accepting differences and varieties.







Diversity in the soul. Understand the benefits of accepting differences and varieties.

Diversity in the soul. I thought of this expression with the intention of identifying people who think and have attitudes towards diversity in different aspects. When talking about diversity. It is common to think of it as referring to people. As it is a term that was adopted in the fight against prejudice and discrimination. The diversity of people. Takes a great prominence for the job market and education. There are a large number of social groups. Among them the best known are women. Gays. People with disabilities. Among others. Research shows that a company that has a diverse workforce. Even including different nationalities. Different areas of knowledge.

Ends up having a much more satisfactory productivity

Our country is naturally an Jordan Phone Number List extremely diverse country. We have countless people of different types. What is not good is prejudice and discrimination . This ends up making the so-called inclusion very difficult. For example. I myself have been turned away from a job opportunity. Right after my injury. Because the location was not accessible and i had all the competence for the position. Instead of the company adapting. They chose not to accept me. And that is not accepting diversity. But as i said at the beginning. In my view. Diversity goes far beyond people. Diversity in the soul is when you accept the different. And even more than that. When you like and look for different things. Places. Experiences. I’ve had it since i was a kid.

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Although you haven’t tried it yet

An example of this type of behavior can be seen more easily in tourism. People like to travel. Usually USA CFO to know different places . Practice new activities. Eat typical foods that they had never tried before. That is. Make different things a huge and unforgettable pleasure. In the photo below. I show a new experience. Where in a farm hotel. I took a motorized chair to get around. As there were difficult places to get around with just the manual wheelchair. And i went to feed the animals. Like the goat that is eating rations directly from my hand. When i go to the supermarket. I often look for different products to try. Because i believe that there can be very good products. Tastier than those we already know. And the difference can come in different ways too.

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