Disabled digital influencers. Inclusion through the internet.







Disabled digital influencers. Inclusion through the internet.

Disabled digital influencers. In my case. I started to be present in digital media since 2002. Without any commercial intention. But as i had a digital camera. A sony mavica that used 1.44 mb floppy cards. So i put the photos i took in the meetings with friends. On a blog to facilitate sharing. In 2003 i started to write about my tours. As a way of encouraging colleagues with disabilities. And the following year when i started to have a professional goal. I created the blog www.turismoadaptado.zip.net (which no longer exists). It was the first brazilian accessible tourism blog and also one of the first to talk about accessibility and people with disabilities. Things were working out and bringing results. So i decided to switch to the wordpress platform. Free version. To improve the quality of the content and control.

But the progress was increasing

So i started investing. Going Mexico Phone Number List to th paid version. And then hiring a programmer to make the site look and structure i wanted. Take care of updates and unexpected problems and perform constant optimizations. During these stages. I also joined social networks. Starting with orkut. And then moving on to facebook . Twitter . Linkedin . Instagram . Youtube . Pinterest and recently tiktok and kwai. In 2019. I changed my professional strategy. And started to present myself as an autonomous professional. So my website and blog started to have the domain www.ricardoshimosakai.com.br as well as my social networks with my name. I didn’t rule out adapted tourism . As it is still well known and has a lot of relevance. Many people know me for this project and i’m still very sought after to do work and give lectures in this area. So adapted tourism became a service of ricardo shimosakai.

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And not the name of the company

I consider the internet the best cost-benefit investment. As i can have indicators of people and companies looking USA CFO for my work. Most of them. In the first contact. Already mention where they got my contact from. And usually it’s on my blog and website. Social networks also give a good return. Directly or indirectly. They serve more as a showcase or business card. Because when they want to know more about what they saw on social networks. They look for my website. Several companies that were looking for accessibility services and events where i spoke. Found me through google searches. But having a website and profiles on the internet is not enough. It has to be attractive to the public. As there are currently hundreds of people posting about the subject.

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