Digital collection accessibility and inclusion.







Digital collection accessibility and inclusion.

Therefore, Digital accessibility and inclusion collection. Many people find it difficult to find materials on accessibility. Inclusion and people with disabilities. For the preparation of works and presentations. Due to the high demand. I decided to make this search easier. Making thousands of files available in a single place for faster searching and easier use. There are 5.462 files in various digital formats. Including texts. Videos. Therefore, Audios. Photos. Powerpoint presentations. Pdf documents. As well as several links to websites and. Therefore, videos hosted on youtube. There are materials from different authors. Opening up to different opinions and concepts. It also covers a broad timeline. Where you can present outdated information for the present. But very useful to understand the evolution of this segment.

All the material is divided into main folders

Therefore, Materials and reports; law. Legislation Malaysia Phone Number List and norms; photo gallery; video gallery; guides. Therefore, Manuals. Booklets and documents; disabled people; academic works. The accessibility and inclusion digital collection is updated periodically. And you will probably find everything you need there. But if necessary. Therefore, I give extra support to those who purchased the product. Much of the material is produced by me. That is. They are exclusive files that are not available elsewhere. I visited thousands of places. Met countless people. Went through countless situations. Therefore, All with an eye towards accessibility and inclusion. So my material is very rich.

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The occupation of spaces of struggle

Therefore, Postgraduate in education 4.0: the student as protagonist from faculdade descomplica. And with specializations in USA CFO digital marketing. Specialist consultant in accessibility. Inclusion and tourism . He was the creator of turismo adaptado. International speaker and professor. He teaches classes . Therefore, Courses and training for different audiences and companies. A digital influencer. He created one of the first accessibility blogs in brazil. The final product of the course completion work. Therefore, As they are the ones who hire me for accessibility services. Therefore, But i also work with individuals. Through my online courses and the digital collection. For example. People with disabilities are very important. As they are usually the ones who comment. Like and share my posts.

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