Difficulties in adapting the refrigerator. Flexibility is also accessibility.







Difficulties in adapting the refrigerator. Flexibility is also accessibility.

The refrigerator is a basic appliance for cooling and preserving food for a longer period of time. But does the industry offer models and conditions for people with disabilities to have accessible refrigerators? In the video below. The model i’m going to take as an example. Has temperature settings and other commands in a digital way. Which are shown on a display. This is a problem for blind people as there is no voice feature. And there is no way to put braille. The only way. To regulate the fridge independently. Would be to map all the paths. Where each button will go. And how many taps are needed to go to each item. But this is a private job. As manufacturers do not provide this. This refrigerator model has the refrigerator on the bottom door and the freezer on the top door. For a wheelchair user or a person with dwarfism. The top door is difficult. I can still get some things from the front or the door.

Difficulties in adapting the refrigerator

Just clarifying. That as i don’t Australia Mobile Number List usually cook. So the need to reach food in the freezer wasn’t great. But the refrigerator part. Yes. I use it every day to get basic foods. Like milk for breakfast and afternoon snack. In addition to other things for quick snacks. The door closes very hard. And that’s good on the one hand. As it doesn’t let the cooled air out or the outside heat in. Saving energy and keeping the food in. But on the other hand. The door is more difficult to open. Y it. And for those who don’t have much strength and balance. This can be a big barrier. I remember that in the past. There were refrigerators where the handle was also a kind of lever that made opening the door easier. So maybe it would be good to rescue this option.

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But the biggest problem is the opening

This refrigerator model does not have the option to change the side of the door opening. So it only opens with a USA CFO handle on the left side. Making a counterclockwise movement. But her left side. Next to one of the kitchen walls. Forces me to open the door at the same time i have to walk backwards. This is because there is no space for approximation on the left side. And in the kitchen configuration . To change the position of the refrigerator. You would also have to change the position of the sink. Cabinets and even the plumbing. It doesn’t seem so complicated to me that refrigerators are manufactured with two opening options. One clockwise and the other counterclockwise. And some of them have this option.

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