Crush Your Growth Targets? You Can Do That With These 5 Tips







Crush Your Growth Targets? You Can Do That With These 5 Tips

Are you halfway to your targets halfway through the year? If not, these 5 tips will help you get them to 100% before December 31st. For convenience, all tips start with an S. So let’s get started. With success, spirit, stop, state and selection.


Success, a (re)definition

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Growth That Does

Let’s take a closer look at those targets. Because growth VP Facility Manager Email Lists is subject to inflation. Most employees can no longer get out of bed from purely financial growth that does not yield a triple win . Triple win is the growth that makes both you and your customers happy, but also the third party. The consumer who serves your customer, the environment that is less taxed, the bees that flourish, or whatever you touch with your business.


So evaluate: how have you set your targets? And what about that really motivates you?

Over the next 6 months, I advise you to sharpen your targets with a redefinition of success. Because what is growth really? Growth, when put in the right terms, namely progress, is what makes us humans the happiest. Not achieving a goal, but progress towards realizing a mission, is what motivates us the most. And if you don’t have control over your targets yourself, make sure you develop them into a form that appeals to you.

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Therefore, look at where you are now, and at what you need in terms of growth to achieve your target. Formulate your target as progress. It could look like this: if my target is to have twice as many new customers (so that I can increase my positive impact – triple win), my learning goal may be to experiment with new forms of marketing. Make sure you can achieve this realistically. You need time and (learning) money.

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