Crip camp the revolution for inclusion that started in a summer camp.







Crip camp the revolution for inclusion that started in a summer camp.

Nobody would have guessed that a summer camp for people with disabilities. Run by inexperienced hippies . On the edge of woodstock. In 1971. Would turn into a true incubator of minds and bodies that would fight with all the, means at their disposal for – finally – inclusion . Acquired values of these people in everyday life and principles. But you never really have an idea of what, the conquest cost and the intermediate struggle that, was necessary to get where we are – knowing in advance that there is still a lot to do. Crip camp . The documentary sponsored by the obamas. Which arrived this week, on netflix . More than an exemplary, crowd pleaser of the struggle for civil rights. It is an extraordinary documentary exercise in the investigation. Articulation of film archives and the evolutionary montage of events.

Mixing current day interviews with

In the documentary we follow Ukraine Phone Number List how since the 1970s the battle of people with disabilities for a recognition of equality in relation to others took place. And it is in this summer camp. Where for the first time the young people who visited it and spent a few days – between, playful activities. Learning. And flirtation with the right to the plague of boring people – felt equal and not on the margins of society. Treated between the condescension. Annoyance and distance. It is worth remembering that for centuries. Starting in the middle ages. People with disabilities were seen as an aberration. A “monster” conceived under some sin with the corresponding divine punishment.

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Archival footage of unequivocal historical value.

After that. Society began to push the “creature” away from society. Placing them in closed institutions. Often USA CFO sanatoriums. Or even more cloistered and distant from other citizens. This estrangement. Or compartmentalization away from the “normal”. Lasted until very, recently. As is even described in this documentary . When in short trips from the holiday camp to activities in the city. They were seen as harmful to traders and, removed from the space. Service public.

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