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Council Charles Michelthe Countries

Starting everything from scratch. Today, in addition to offline engagements, she is active with a YouTube channel, where she regularly posts free advice, training and tutorials to help various entrepreneurs learn more about how they can increase their social media presence. She has created the Albanian Entrepreneurs Support Group. This group has also helped her with advice and strong connections she has made from other entrepreneurs, which is why Marsilda recommends it to everyone who wants to start a business or already has one.

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BusinessMag conducted Bulgaria Phone Number List an interview with her, where you can learn more about her journey, difficulties, plans and advice that Marsilda has for young people.1 – You have set up a company in the field of digital services and marketing? How did this initiative come about?I wish the answer was short, but I think that every action in someone’s life is a consequence of where they are now, so it is important to understand a little bit of my history before opening the business.

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I have been USA CFO familiar with entrepreneurship since I was a child as my mother had a small family business in Fier, where she sold clothes.  Often helped him, both in sales and in customer service. I didn’t complain too much about why I wasn’t playing and I was working in that business. I knew that mom and dad were working hard to give us a better future.I could see how stressed she was and I never dreamed of entrepreneurship at first. My goal was to finish school and get a job. I was finishing my Master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology in Tirana for “Intercultural Tourism and Communication”, English branch, when I fell in love with an American, who is now my husband, and everything in my life changed.

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