Conversely as a Commercial Company, for Example as







Conversely as a Commercial Company, for Example as

Conversely, as a commercial company, for example as a catering entrepreneur, you may wish that people walk past your business during a touristic walking route. That can mean a boost to your sales. The municipality of Roermond prevented a company from getting away with a city walk and now offers a city walk through the city center itself.

Think of freight traffic that drives past primary schools or the bicycle shd at the station that is not on the side of the track you were sent to. And: by car you do not want to go to the entrance of a nature park or a zoo. You prefer to navigate to the parking lot. For example, the Municipality of Harderwijk, as manager of the Crescent Park, ensurd that visitors no longer parke in the middle of the nearby residential area.

A city walk in the city center of Roermond, which goes along points that the municipality would like to show.

Responsible or not: it really doesn’t matter

Governments have landed in a new reality because of the public map . Municipalities are not responsible for errors on the map, but have an interest in ensuring that information in Chief and VP of Training Email Lists the apps is correct. Traffic, residents and therefore the municipality itself will be inconvenienced if route information is not correct. And you prefer to be in control of information about public facilities or public attractions. A municipality would therefore do well to prioritize the information provided by public route apps.

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

The map of Google Maps offers opportunities

At the same time, everyone can help to make the public map accurate and informative. This also offers opportunities for commercial companies. You do people a service with good and up-to-date information. In return, you connect your organization to the piece on the map. An awful lot of people use Google Maps and so – with the public map in your strategy – the growth potential of your organization increases.

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