To Continue the Tradition They Celebrated the Celebration







To Continue the Tradition They Celebrated the Celebration

Crisp, the supermarket app for cracking fresh food, was the first online supermarket to launch a mass media campaign on national television this year, embracing the power of paid media. In the almost three-year existence of the shopping app, the company has already had many highlights and important moments, of which this TV campaign is one. The operation has been strengthend in the past year, so that Crisp believes it can handle the increasing demand and therefore profile itself in the market.

Crisp distinguishes itself in the quality of fresh products. Which meets the needs of customers to eat healthy, fresh and local more often. While that wish in. Itself is not enough to make a lasting change in the daily diet, at Crisp they are convincd that taste is. The TV commercial is, as it were. An ode to Hospital Mailing Lists that taste. The sports summer was well filld, TikTok and Twitch provd to be promising channels for. Social media marketing and content this year, start-ups investe in paid mdia… 2021 was packe with good brand campaigns. But what are the best, funniest and most impressive campaigns of this year?

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Jumbo: Scale model Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

The whole of the Netherlands turnd orange when Max Verstappen made history at Circuit Zandvoort by winning the first Dutch Grand Prix in 36 years. To celebrate, sponsor Jumbo launchd a Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix edition scale model race car (1:24). The supermarket customers could save stamps for this mini race car with four interchangeable tires.

Jumbo also got its customers involvd in the ‘orange madness’ on the first day of the race weekend. For example, tens of thousands of enthusiasts have obtaine a ticket for ‘Super Friday’ on September 3 with a 50% discount via Jumbo. Another clever positioning move: during the race weekend, the Jumbo Juichcapes, which were proudly worn by the Orange Army, were distributd. Even McLaren driver and former teammate of Max, Daniel Ricciardo, was spottd wearing such an orange cape.

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