Choosing food blindly. How to select products without being able to see.







Choosing food blindly. How to select products without being able to see.

Choosing food blindly. Blind people need to adapt to various situations. Especially to those in which there are hardly any resources that can help them. A place like the supermarket . Which is the main place when thinking about buying food. Offers numerous difficulties for those who cannot see. Or who also have low vision. Industrialized foods have some facilities . As they have specific packaging and measures. The vast majority do not have braille. Either on the packaging or on the supermarket shelf. But there are apps that can describe the packaging. The barcode itself could be adapted . In addition to seeing the price of the product. It also optionally brings basic information such as name. Weight. Ingredients and expiration date. As it is usually not possible to see the product itself. Hidden by the packaging.

There is not much else to do

But when we go to the fruit Kenya Phone Number List and vegetable sector. Where the buyer selects the best products. Then the disadvantages start to get more pronounced. Visual appearance is one of the main factors in choosing a good food. Many fruits. To know if they are ripe or not. The choice is made by color. So much so that we say that the banana is green. Not that it is not ripe. Some foods have other resources to assess their quality. Pineapples. For example. Can also be evaluated by their smell. As the more mature ones exude a sweeter smell; squeezing to see the consistency. Because if it is hard. It is because it is not yet ripe; pull the leaf out of the crown. Because ripe pineapples.

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The leaves come off easily

Each food has its characteristics. And to learn to choose a food blindly. It is necessary to study its USA CFO behavior. There are foods of these types. Which are already pre-selected and usually packed in plastic bags. Pots or trays. It’s something more practical. Because the hardest part. Which is choosing. Has already been done. But those foods that have a different treatment. Can also have a higher price. There are still other foods. Which are packaged with a transparent material so that the consumer can see them. Such as glass jars where palm hearts and jellies go. Vacuum packaging. Characteristic of cheeses and salami. Or used plastic bags. For the loaf of bread. For cold cuts. Meats. Fish and poultry. In addition to packaged products. Several supermarkets offer a personalized service sector.

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