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Finding a common US-China language and reactivating talks within the G20, reducing geopolitical tensions, raising interest rates within a controllable limit, and schooling and educating the next generation, based on studies and career and market orientations of work, would be the next expectations for a more coordinated market, preventing greater risks.And yet the economic “supercycle” will do its job. The market economy will require a new form of capitalism. INTERVIEW Updated on:  1159 May Latifi The moving museum of tradition in Albania ~7 minutes of reading Culture, tradition, customs are what preserve the identity of a people.

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To preserve this identity Greece Phone Number List requires a lot of work and care, which the artisan Edlira Sulaj has done better than anyone. She reproduces and creates traditional Albanian clothing and has exhibited them inside and outside the country. It still continues today with the same dedication it had in its beginnings. Finally, Edlira has also created a “Moving Museum”, which stands in the pedestrian area of ​​the city of Tirana and invites all tourists to visit it to learn more about the tradition of our country.

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Edlira shares USA CFO details from her professional and personal life, saying that “Faith has made her reach the heights of success”.Edlira, where does your encounter with this profession begin?I am the daughter of a seamstress and the tradition was already born within our family. Through passion, we managed to have a tradition passed down through the generations. I don’t know when I started doing needlework as I’ve been doing it for a lifetime. My sisters and I grew up with the responsibility of being working girls. But time passed and it turned out to be something positive. Today I see that my childhood has left traces on me, which have raised a woman with dreams to work and develop.If you had to talk about yourself.

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