Catheterization or probing Materials and procedures for emptying the bladder.







Catheterization or probing Materials and procedures for emptying the bladder.

Catheterization or probing. More specificall, Intermittent catheterization or relief probing are terms used to describe the process of emptying the bladder by an artificial. Non-spontaneous method, Inducing and facilitating the flow of urine through a flexible tube into the urethra. This is the simple and objective description of the procedure that receives different names. But with a single purpose of emptying the bladder by removing the urine, Some also call it a urinary catheter or catheter. Urinary dysfunction, Which is the loss of control over retention and expulsion of urine. Can affect anyone, But it is quite common in people with spinal cord injury. The problem happens in the sphincter, Which is a kind of control valve. Like a faucet.

The sphincter is loose with a lot of urine loss.

Hence collectors are usually used. Which are bags connected by a hose. Catheterization is applied when the sphincter is very Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List stuck, Not letting urine out, So you need help to perform this procedure, The diaper is also used, Depending on the case. There are differences between male and female catheters. As the male urethral channel is practically twice that of the female. So male catheters are approximately 40 cm, While female catheters are 20 cm. Another variation of the gauge, Which is the thickness of the diameter of the catheter. And the most used are numbered 10, 12 or 14 , To perform the procedure .

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As well as various means and products to

You must wash your hands and the area of the penis or vagina. Use a lubricant to facilitate the passage of the catheter through the urethra and pour the urine into a bowl. In hospitals, Where health control is USA CFO more rigorous, Sterile gloves. Sterile gauze are used for cleaning with a product to perform asepsis. And generally xylocaine to lubricate and anesthetize sensations of pain. And finally, The container known as parrot or bedpan. There are variations of the product, But nothing that comes out of the procedures and form of basic material already mentioned. Some companies offer the catheter already lubricated. Some models have a more anatomical shape to facilitate entry into the urethra.

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