Case Studies Your Customer successes







Case Studies Your Customer successes

Of course this does not exempt you from responding to messages (although you can automate the response, especially with chatbots , see point No. 2 below). But hey, it’s best to respond to messages from your friends inviting you to an aperitif under the plane tree. You also have a revenge to take at pétanque. Finally, for messages on your personal Linkedin profile, nothing prevents you from not publishing for a few days or weeks. You also have the right to disconnect. Your family will thank you. generate-leads-vacation Automate what needs to be Social networks: You can automate response messages, thanks in particular to a chatbot and well-established scenarios, by offering your leads to call them back within 24 hours for example.

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To see exactly how to do it, head to this article , in the section “Have you activated automatic messaging. A client just thanked us for reducing more than 80% of requests on his Facebook Messenger. During this time, his community manager can concentrate on tasks with Poland Phone Number added value, such as engaging in conversation with your customers for example. Lead flow: On your site, the prospects generated by your forms will receive automated emails of thanks, subscription to the newsletter or invitation to read such or such content. They will also have enrolled in scenarios workflows thanks to marketing automation . Here too, depending on the different behaviors, they will receive increasingly personalized emails to help them in their buying process.

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By producing articles on your blog upstream , you will be able to schedule the publication date of the article and thus continue to interest your personas with content dealing with their problems, which your company can obviously solve. If you don’t have time to USA CFO new ones, look at your old articles that have been acclaimed by your readers and update them (Editor’s note: For the anecdote this article is the example) . To do this, you can apply the good old Pareto rule called 20/80. For example  the 20% of articles that make 80% of your website’s audience – the 20% of articles that generate 80% of your site’s SEO traffic  the 20% of pages that convert your audience the most into leads submissions via your forms he 20% of pages that make 80% of new contacts This best practice also allows you to resubmit your post to search engines.

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