Cane and visual impairment. Understand this important relationship.







Cane and visual impairment. Understand this important relationship.

The cane is long and needs to be adapted to each height. As this distance from the person’s body is what will make them identify obstacles in front of them and below their waist. Such as holes. Slopes. Stairs. Objects. Furniture. Urban furniture and others. Another important point is that the use of the cane makes society identify the visually impaired person. And this can generate awareness so that visually impaired people receive help. Such as crossing the street or knowing important information for the community. Your locomotion. To start using the cane. The user needs to receive basic information so that he can learn in the best way and in a safer way. Avoiding future accidents.

There are orientation and mobility courses

Often offered by associations. Ngos Kazakhstan Phone Number List and specialized schools. In assisting people with visual impairments. It is important that you have this information before you start using it. On the internet. There are also several courses and videos. But you need to know how to select them. The misuse of the cane can cause serious accidents. Making the person feel insecure to go out alone when it is necessary for them. Not every visually impaired person uses a cane. For example. They are people with low vision . Who still have visual residue and therefore can walk without the aid of this assistive technology. So. It’s a personal choice. In brazil. We have some movements regarding the use of the cane. For example the identification of specific groups by the color of the cane they are using.

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This was created primarily with people with

This means that people with low vision often ask for help that may be denied. This movement. The USA CFO bengala verde. Was created so that these people have more autonomy. Security. And can use their right to come and go. The most important thing is that they can be identified. The use of the green cane by people with low vision can avoid problems in preferential lines and others. Therefore. They put colors on the canes for each type of visual impairment. Namely: white cane: used by blind people green cane: used by people with low vision red and white cane: used by people who are deafblind in short. I believe it is a valid movement. But it should not be thought of as an imposition. Since all people have the right to use the cane or not according to their specific needs. And whatever color they prefer.

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