Canceled Due To A Strike Taking Place In The







Canceled Due To A Strike Taking Place In The

Problems, successes, motivation and strategies to reach where they are today with their ventures. In this very article we bring you the top 5 entrepreneurs interviewed by. Business Mag selected from hundreds that you can read on our site. These entrepreneurs seem to have in common the ability to inspire, or serve as a role model in business. Arben Tufina, the story of one of the first entrepreneurs in the country with. The advent of democracy If he were not an artist, Arben Tufina might not even be an entrepreneur.

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In fact  the source of his Iceland Phone Number List entrepreneurship arises from being a painter and. Watchmaker by profession, as a profession inherited for centuries in his TUFINA family, as he says. But, during a description of the launch, transformation and development of the enterprise, its challenging spirit, ambition and foresight appear to be the mainstay of the activity.Mimoza Vojka Emanuels, the entrepreneur who vertically increased production at the height of the pandemic, for her company and 7 other companies.

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The flexibility USA CFO that characterizes her enterprise, to respond to the market and the solid relationship with foreign customers, enabled Mimoza Vojka to realize new work contracts for her company and 7 other companies in the production of textiles at the height of the pandemic. A day after the pandemic was declared and many activities were closed, the sportswear company SAM started producing masks for its employees. However, these masks could also be useful to customers, so Mrs. Vojka sent the first models to customers.Silvana Kulla has to take the plane to get to the officeMany of us go to work by personal car, bus, bicycle, or even on foot. Silvana goes to work by plane. Yes, you read that right! We even say it comes, since her office is in Tirana.

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