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Campaign On The Internet Purchasing

The winning advertiser will subsequently see his link appear in first position. Be careful, depending on the sector, prices can quickly soar! B) The display This is the type of online advertising that you use most often. They appear on Google partner sites in the form of a display. During 2020, display was the lever most by the health crisis and thus a drop in revenue of 2%, going from 1.165 billion euros in revenue to 1.140 billion euros. euros. The term “display” is very often when talking about online advertising. Its exact French translation is ” display “, it is an advertising space on the internet . It includes visual, graphic or video elements: banner, video, GIF, etc. Note that the display is strongly marked by the rise in power of “programmatic. What is that ? Programmatic advertising represents the purchase of advertising space way.

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Programmatic represents 61% of display revenue, so much so that it is becoming the norm in the display market. The share of automated purchases increases by 4%, from 82 million in revenue in 2019 to €602 million in revenue in 2020, while the share of non-automated Bulgaria Phone Number purchases is down source. Some display examples: The banner, The skyscraper, in French “skyscraper”, it owes its name to its elongated shape, The design of the website display advertisements on a site Source Your display ad is shown in 2 ways on Google: 1. It will appear on a site based on content, context and theme. The search engine will analyze the content pages of its partners in accordance with your advertisement and decide on the distribution on the corresponding sites. This is called contextualization or contextual links. You have previously targeted the sites on which you wish to appear by establishing targeting criteria.

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There are also websites that market their advertising space themselves . You then have to get in direct contact or go through an agency that takes care of USA CFO everything for you. In terms of type of online advertising, we are still on display, but outside the Google network. Through Facebook Facebook offers its own advertising service. Thanks to this feature, you have the possibility to highlight your page on the social network, but not only. Advertising on Facebook allows you to target your audience according.

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