Businesses We Are Aiming To Make Available







Businesses We Are Aiming To Make Available

In Albania and Kosovo. He has realize the entire menu of Grand Blue Fafa in Durrës, Germany Hotel, Cotto Restaurant in Ferizaj of Kosovo, Gastroteka Repiublika in Gjakovë, as well as for one of the most luxurious hotels in Kosovo, Astoria Luxury and Spa in Gjilan.He has his office and team in Cyprus, where he lives, but this does not prevent him from developing new projects and creations in every corner of the world, in Europe, Asia and America. He is currently in New York, where he is engage in the creation and realization of the menu of 2 restaurants with an Italian identity.

Purchases And The Creation Of A New Gas

Every year Ravajoli Japan Phone number list has receivd more than 10 international awards, but this year he considers it the most successful, as he has been rankd in the top list of world gastronomy, as a culinary ambassador for 2021 and has been ratd as one of the 150 best chefs in the world.There is also advice he gives to every young person with big dreams, “Don’t be a copy of any successful role model, make your dreams come true and enjoy the success that comes after the work and effort you put in.

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Agred To Move Forward With Joint Gas

Read also USA CFO Ravajol, Albania’s chef ambassador to the world comes to Tirana Ravajol Hasani, the ambassador of Albanian cuisine in the world, comes with his first project in Albania ALBANIAN ENTREPRENEURS IN THE WORLD Updatd on: admin Marsilda Bialczak ~8 minutes of reading Marsilda Bialczak is the founder of Expand2Market , where she provides training and consulting services to companies and businessmen to increase their presence on social media and how to use effective sales strategies to penetrate the US market. It was not easy to get here, as he left everything in Albania and went to America.

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