Bring Together Different Disciplines and Activities From a to Z







Bring Together Different Disciplines and Activities From a to Z

They combine modern technology and marketing disciplines to ‘advanced customer base management’, so that they can offer hyper-relevant content to their customers. For example, via their AI marketing brain (enviously), you will receive a message in the app at just the right time about switching on your travel insurance for the summer holiday that you have just booked.

We probably can’t let go of campaigns all at once, I certainly can’t, but it does give food for thought. What would marketing look like in your organization if you let go of campaigns? What can you do then that you can’t do now?

Brand and demand marketing go hand in hand

Marc L’amie, from LinkedIn, said that at LinkedIn they notice that it is still not obvious for many B2B companies to build their brand. The focus is on quick results. B2B marketers have a hard time selling anything else within the organization. And yet to increase the conversion rate on LinkedIn it is necessary to Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists engage in both brand and demand marketing. Then your conversion can just jump from 0.2 to 1.2%.

Owner Partner Shareholder Email Lists

That means we have to be patient and create good content. In a B2B sales cycle, as many as 13 pieces of content are consumed on LinkedIn before a sale is made. And what L’amie also said is that the ideal reach is four to five times or sometimes even higher. That’s how often someone needs to see your content for the message to get through.

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So if you don’t have any always-on branding campaigns running, now is the time to start.

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Customer data for growth

We’re all involved in email marketing, but personalization, not to mention your customer’s first name in the salutation, remains in its infancy. Many companies are in the phase where they segment based on customer data.

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