Both Categories Of The Purpose Of Credit







Both Categories Of The Purpose Of Credit

And I say with conviction that where there are young people. There are also beautiful and quality jobs because the diverse ideas they have make them special, perhaps complementing each other. If I will sail just a little in the waters of the exhibition. I can tell you that in that explosion there were contrasting ideas from one to the other. There were young people who saw Tirana full of life. Young people who saw it as if they were losing it, and others who saw it as a mess.

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Young people, through Bahrain Phone Number List personal achievements, serve the best not only for themselves but for society as a whole, so they contributd and in my judgment in this exhibition they left a mark for the descendants who want to know Tirana through the painting and optics of young people. When was the idea for this project born?The idea had early beginnings and did not take off immdiately. I had been researching around the city for 4 years. Details that I may or may not have known, but I wantd details that connectd the young people to the city.

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I think the moment USA CFO has come, for a long time I wantd the values ​​of Tirana, be they archaeological, cultural, architectural, etc. I really wantd to see you in the painting. When “Tirana Capital of Youth” was announce, I decidd to bring it as an idea and beliee that it would do the city good. Have you had the opportunity to collaborate with other people?Yes, of course. Nothing in life is done alone without support and shard ideas. We have a group of people that we workd with. At first we selectd the students who would be participants and then we made guides around different places in Tirana to get to know it better.

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