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Insight Into What The Board Members

Dramatic picture in readers’ minds, and the succinct data points make it easy to quickly demonstrate the bad versus the good. 8. Poke some fun at your competitors. This is perhaps what most people think of when negative marketing is discusse, but it’s rarely execute because of how delicate the situation can be. On one hand, a little healthy competition can be a good thing, especially if you want to position yourself as a better option. However, if done poorly, your audience may actually think less of your brand for “playing dirty” or being too low-brow. In addition, if you leverage false claims, you could be asking for legal trouble. There are two types of negative marketing with regard to your competitors.

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Attack Focuses on the negative sides of your competition’s offerings. Contrast: Focuses on the positive sides of your offerings and establishes the gap. This is more subtle but still highlights what your competition may lack. Typically, it’s Portugal Phone Number List easier for larger brands to engage in negative marketing with their competition because they’re already well-known, so the reward can be greater than the risk to highlight value propositions. Pepsi has a famous “attack” ad in which a child dispenses two Coca-Cola cans from a vending machine and stands on them in order to reach the Pepsi button.

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Bud Light uses the more subtle “contrast” approach in their “Special Delivery Corn Syrup” ad: This ad works because it’s a light narrative and doesn’t engage in serious mud-slinging (it merely highlights a differentiator). Nonetheless, controversy brewe even USA CFO in this case as the company was sue for potentially misleading consumers by not acknowleging the difference between corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup, which demonstrates exactly why this tactic is risky. If your brand isn’t a household name, it may be better to highlight value propositions and differentiators in less risky ways. For example, some brands engage in competitor criticism without mentioning any names. Doing this ensures you’re not giving your competition free airtime while you capitalize on ideas your consumers know to be true.

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