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Trouble Hubspot Business Blogging Course

You wouldn’t measure a series of blog posts on their brand uplift ability, just like you wouldn’t measure a podcast show’s lead generation. That is unless you like gray hairs and a serious lack of sleep.” Why Blogs are Still Impactful From an investment perspective, blogs may be a better long-term investment for lead generation. “I could spend $200K to hire a full-time writer, SEO expert, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist to work on my blog. By combining those skill sets, I’m going to be able to create a blog that drives organic traffic to.

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My website and converts it into leads for my business all year long,” says Toner. “Or, I could put the same $200K into an advertising campaign and maybe get a couple thousand leads over the course of the ad campaign. But once the campaign Mexico Phone Number List ends, so does my lead flow.” Toner adds that the majority of HubSpot’s blog-generate leads come from older blog posts. This means that blogging can be a great lead source long after posts are publishe. Aja Frost, who leads the English SEO team at HubSpot, echoes this sentiment. “Organic traffic is more important than ever.

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Unlike paid traffic which stops coming in the. Second your budget runs out . Rrganic traffic is mostly self-sustaining after you’ve put in the time and effort to create a blog post,” she says. She adds that most content management systems (CMS) have USA CFO SEO tools integrate into their platforms, which makes it easier to optimize your posts. Blogging can also be valuable in shaping a brand’s product positioning. “Blogs are still one of the best channels we have to create narratives around our product,” says HubSpot Product Marketing Manager Alex Girard. “They offer us the opportunity to address trends we see in the market, how those trends impact the reader, and how our product might be able to help them meet that trend successfully. They’re also great for telling customer success stories.” He adds that when using your blog to market your product, the content doesn’t have to be promotional.

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