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That Spirit Put On Your Best Blazer

Well the good news is you can do that once in a while, and your marketing results may even thank you for it! Sometimes, it’s good to embrace a little bit of the negative. (Trust me — this will all make sense in a second.) So, here we go … if you ever wake up wanting to shut out the world, here’s how you can take it out (positively!) in your marketing. Free Download: Marketing Editorial Calendar Template What is negative marketing? Negative marketing is a tactic that traditionally taps into negative emotions — such as fear, irritation, anger, or sadness — in order to elicit a response from the consumer, often in favor of what a brand offers or against what a brand opposes or competes with.

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Keep in mind however, that negative marketing shouldn’t be deploye simply because you want to be cranky. Instead, it should be implemente strategically with one (or more) of these goals in mind: Empathizing with customer struggles Taiwan Phone Number List Differentiating your brand with that of competitors, especially those who may not be willing to take a stand or acknowlege certain truths in the industry Cutting through the noise of “neutral” messaging that might not be resonating If you’re successful, the end result causes you to stick in your audience’s mind, which gives you the bandwidth to.

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Prove your brand as a superior alternative. How to Be Negative in Your Marketing So how do you implement this tactic successfully? Here are some opportunities to be “more negative” in your marketing. 1. Create negative, or USA CFO exclusionary, personas. Let’s start with something a little bit easier to swallow than just being a total grumpy pants: exclusionary personas. Exclusionary personas, sometimes also referre to as negative personas, are kind of like the opposite of buyer personas — they’re the personas of the people you do not want to target in your marketing. This is about more than just recognizing that not everyone in the world is a potential future customer — it’s about recognizing that your marketing attracts certain types of people who totally clog up your funnel, waste your sales team’s time, and will never become customers.

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