Beach access for people with disabilities. How to overcome the obstacles of nature.







Beach access for people with disabilities. How to overcome the obstacles of nature.

Therefore, Beach access. The beaches are one of the brazilian attractions most sought after by tourists of all kinds. It’s like a huge free natural park. Which makes it easy for a large number of people to attend. But not all beaches are accessible. In fact. Brazil has 7.491 kilometers of coastline. And few points have accessibility. Places that have not yet been modifi. That preserve the original nature. Can also offer natural obstacles such as stones and plants. And with that. Nature cannot be blam for the lack of accessibility. There are chairs adapt for adventure . Use to explore mountains and natural environments that are difficult to access. Even in rome they are us to visit ruins in historic sites. But part of this immense extension already has the intervention of man and has been adapt for visitation.

Where the bush has already been removed

Paths have been open. Creating a Pakistan Phone Number List huge infrastructure. Where you can find restaurants. Lifeguard stations. Street vendors. And all this ends up contributing to accessibility. But one of the great difficulties of the beach. Is the access by the sand. A wheelchair cannot walk through sand. Therefore, Depending on its consistency. Dry and soft sand makes the wheel jam. Especially the wheel of the wheelchair that is debut and with that it enters more easily between the grains of sand. Even with assistance. The task of walking on the sand is difficult and heavy. But i’ve known beaches where the sand was more humid and compact. And then it was firm enough for the wheelchair to walk. In santos. On the coast of são paulo. I manag to push the wheelchair by myself.

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Some types of accessories were created

Therefore, And thinking about USA CFO overcoming the soft sand. A kind of mobile mat was developed. Placed on top of the sand. Creating a type of walkway. It is malleable enough that after being used. It can be rolled up and stored. As this equipment is mounted in places where there are accessible beach programs . Which work at specific locations. Dates and times. On another beach in the northeast. Instead of a mat. I saw rigid plastic screens. In square shapes. That lined up one after the other. Creating a path. Amphibious chairs are also another option. Her structure is made with large inflatable wheels. So they don’t get stuck in the sand and serve as floats to get into the water. But this equipment needs someone to push you across the sand and into the water with you.

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