Balkans Can Travel Between Their Countries







Balkans Can Travel Between Their Countries

For this purpose, by the technical staff of Si-Mac Albania, a series of training courses. For the use of special machines and programs are organized every year. These courses, at the request of those interested, cover the entire range of woodworking machines. Manufactured by the SCM Group company. Beyond the goals of a technical nature and those directly related to the training and production process. Si-Mac Training Center also aims to be an active liaison between business and vocational training courses, vocational training school.

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Higher education institutions Macedonia Phone Number List schools of business, with which Si-Mac Albania has an early and stable cooperation. Si-Mac Albania stands out not only for the stability of its organizational structure and for the tendency for innovation that characterizes it. Its main motto, “the employee is in the center of attention”, best shows where the focus of this company is. For years, Si-Mac Albania invests in the continuous development of its personnel, ensuring that they complete courses with Italian specialists, among the most qualified in the sector.

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A technician, an integral USA CFO part of the staff of Si-Mac Albania, trained and certified in this way is able to face and successfully solve many challenges that appear during different processes during work. Si-Mac Albania, since 2008, conducts professional training courses for its clients. In these courses, knowledge, experience, values ​​and a continuous support for them are transmitted. In these twelve years of operation in the market, the technical staff of Si-Mac Albania has trained more than five hundred operators, programmers and specialists in the processing of wood and its derivatives. For the correctness and competence shown by its employees, Si-Mac Albania has won the respect and gratitude of its colleagues inside and outside the country. Through the Si-Mac Training Center, Si-Mac Albania seeks to reward the.

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