Autonomy without accessibility Understand why limited autonomy makes no sense.







Autonomy without accessibility Understand why limited autonomy makes no sense.

Autonomy without accessibility? We use the word autonomy when we want to indicate that the person has the freedom to make decisions and the ability to perform actions. Both without needing the help of third parties. In some cases. Accessibility is not accompanied by autonomy. And this can create difficulties and problems. A very common example is the lifting platforms. When they need to be operated by employees. Instead of working autonomously like an elevator. Autonomy needs to be for everyone. As well as accessibility. An autonomy only for those who can decide and do things alone makes no sense. The problem is that accessibility and inclusion are not even considered in many projects. And therefore. In the thinking of those who created the project. It is autonomous. I put zaitt as a case study.

Which is positioned as an autonomous store

The proposal is a store without Azerbaijan Phone Number List employees. Automated. So you can do your shopping alone. For this. It has its own application. Where you register your personal data and your credit or debit card. From where the payment will be made. On the entrance door there is a qr code. Which must be scanned to open the door and identify who is entering. Inside the store. All products also have a qr code. Which must be scanned when making the purchase. It is something similar to a virtual store. Where you choose the product and enter the quantity. If you are going to buy more than one. After selecting the products. Complete the selection and make the payment.

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Which does not happen in the place

There’s even a coffee maker and a microwave oven if you want to heat up some food right there. The interior is guar USA CFO by cameras. And to get out. You must again scan the qr code on the door. It is quite practical. But the absence of employees also has its downside. Some products are on high shelves. Impossible for a person in a wheelchair to reach. For example. And hence there are no staff to help . The place even has a phone to call for help. But it would only be a remote help. Which would not help. It is not a standalone store also for the visually impair . A blind person wouldn’t know where the qr code on the door is.

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