Attitudinal accessibility. What are you still waiting for to be accessible and inclusive.







Attitudinal accessibility. What are you still waiting for to be accessible and inclusive.

Attitudinal accessibility. This term started to become popular. When people with disabilities began to understand that more than accessibility and inclusion. It is first necessary to have the initiative to practice them. Some are skating with the intention of wanting to have their establishment or service accessible. But in practice they stall and postpone. And in the end they do nothing. I see similar thinking in the world of entrepreneurship. Where the saying “ done is better than perfect ” is talked about a lot. And it has everything to do with attitudinal accessibility. This thought means that it is better to take initiative and take action in your business. Because if we wait for the best way or perfection and then apply it. That time will never come. This is also well known as procrastination.

Where we always leave for later

Attitudes we want to accomplish. So Algeria Phone Number List you better take the initiative now. And start improving the accessibility of your venture. Of course. It’s not to rush out and do things just like that. It is necessary to plan and seek professionals to carry out accessibility actions . Or seek to improve their own knowledge through courses or sources of information. Otherwise your action or project may have basic flaws. As i have already shown in some cases. Such as the sidewalk leaning into the reserved spot. The lack of attitudinal accessibility can appear in the lack of value given to it. Sometimes seeming absurd. I once went to assess the accessibility of a hotel. And found several flaws.

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A true example that serves as a good example

I reported this to the manager. But to my surprise. He said that the hotel had already reserved the funds available for that USA CFO year to paint the walls of the development. In other words. For the hotel. Having painted walls is more important than accessibility. Since painting is an optional aesthetic issue and accessibility is a must. From another point of view. Attitudinal accessibility is also about the way you relate to people. Whether individually or in a group. From the point of view of a business. This has a lot to do with customer service. The way they are treated. It is common to see. For example. A waiter in a restaurant asking “what does she want to eat?” for a companion next to a person with down syndrome.

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