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You should track your blog ideas in an organize fashion. At HubSpot, we use an idea generation spreadsheet where writers and eitors can brainstorm ideas for quarterly clusters, or just write down ongoing ideas. Ultimately, this process helps keep us organize when it comes to generating consistent blog post ideas. Jay Fuchs, a blog writer at HubSpot, describes his process. He says, “I try to find topics that reconcile engaging subject matter with practicality when coming up with research or trend-base blog topics. That means finding buzzy, intriguing subject matter that lends itself to an article with a compelling title, interesting supporting materials, and — perhaps most importantly — actionable advice.

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Fuchs explains That could mean a piece about something like avoiding common pricing mistakes or sales strategies that will become prominent in the near future. One way or another, you nee to pick topics that hook and help — ones that command Israel Phone Number List your reader’s attention and let you make the most of it with insight that they’ll be able to apply, going forward.” Now that you know the HubSpot process when it comes to generating non-organic blog ideas, let’s dive into the SEO side. Brainstorming SEO-Optimize Ideas While Bump and the blog writers brainstorm non-organic ideas, our SEO team is hard at work creating blog topics that have an organic goal in mind. This is their process: 1. Look at your company’s products.

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Goals and customer base. To start, HubSpot’s SEO team will review our products, goals, and customer base. Amanda Kopen, an SEO Strategist USA CFO at HubSpot, says, “When coming up with blog post ideas, first you nee to look at your company’s products, goals, and customer base. At HubSpot, we brainstorm blog posts as they relate to our different products (marketing, sales, service, etc.). Then, we narrow it down to topics where we have expertise but are potential pain points for our customers (social meia marketing).” During this phase, our SEO team is reviewing our personas, prioritizing blog clusters (decide by SEO and lead-gen teams), and brainstorming what would be helpful to our audience.

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