At The Annual Meeting Of The Imf







At The Annual Meeting Of The Imf

The advice I would give to any young person is: “Follow your dreams”. Tirana started the “Digital Nomad” festival, which for three consecutive days. Became the meeting point of digital experts from different countries of the world. To share their experiences with young professionals, entrepreneurs. And innovators, who are currently exploring the world of technology. and remote work. Ms Edona Bilali, Minister of State for Enterprise Protection. Has shared her opinion for Business Magazine about this important event.

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What do you think Czech Republic Phone Number List of this event that comes for the first time in Tirana. We are in the time of global changes where everything today is talke about and given meaning by. Technology and the big digital world. The government has paid special attention to digitization through a series of programs. And the Municipality of Tirana is on the same wavelength. Tirana, as the European Youth Capital for 2022, would not miss this event, which comes in a completely different way, bringing together one of the youngest communities for our country, the one that connects everything directly to ICT.

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Experts USA CFO entrepreneurs, founders of startups, innovators with global recognition shard these days in Tirana the ways, challenges and achievements. Albania has already become an attractive destination for digital nomads. Welcoming city, lovely people, 300 days of sunny weather and good food, above all with an affordable cost of living.What does this say about our technological development?Albania aims to become a center of digitization and technological development. Programs such as coding from the first grade, the financial support that will be offerd to young people who want to qualify in ICT for the local private market, the new law on startups and technoparks, the simplification of residence permits or the digitization of 98% of services are concrete indicators. of this will.

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